Thursday, June 28, 2012


Hi and welcome to my new blog: Aunt Betty's, where I'll be sharing my latest vintage finds, my best flea market moments, and my humble thoughts and ideas about collecting, but first let me explain how I got here. 

It all began with my love of photography which led me to shooting with Polaroid. I fell in love so hard I began  finding polaroids everywhere, so I started my first collection. It ranged from the early 40's tank-like J66 roll film models to the 1990's plastic izone cameras, and it grew and grew and grew.  I could not stop until I had almost every polaroid ever made, and then some.

 I didn't stop at polaroids however, soon I began drooling over sparkling midcentury glass and swooning for garish fat lava pottery. After numerous discussions about whether I was in danger of becoming a hoarder (lol), it became clear that I would have to find an outlet for my new-found passion. I had truly fallen in love with the thrill of the hunt and once I found my first real treasure, a fabulously beautiful and elegant bohemian overlay vase (c1898), I knew there was no going back. 

Honestly, I was planning on selling said items, though I had no idea where I would do that. I have an etsy shop and I did sell a few cameras there, but truthfully mail order is just not my thing. I very much prefer the personal touch, which is why I now have a lovely little cubby of a shop at the

The Vancouver Flea Market
It is always a "work in progress" burgeoning with vintage bags, typewriters, polaroids and collectable chachkas.

and once a month you'll find me at
  the Croation Cultural Centre with 21st Century Promotions

Please stop by booth 69 on Saturday or Sunday from 9am til 5pm
703 Terminal Avenue near Main st

come see me 


at the

Croation Cultural Centre
3250 Commercial Drive at East 16th Ave
Vancouver BC