Thursday, May 16, 2013

New Costume Pieces

Oooh I've been finding some wonderful vintage jewelry lately,  a fabulous vintage Selro Bracelet with tribal faces and faux ivory swords

a beautiful french hand painted porcelain paneled bracelet, 

Three vintage doublestrand necklaces, the first two are plastic 

and the third is glass

and this oh so cute Canadian souvenir brooch 

and finally this tribal style chunky pendant made of horn and wood

You'll find them all (except the Selro which sold in the blink of an eye) in my shop at the flea market, stall 69.

and .....

Just Listed on my eBay

This gorgeous Kramer of New York Brooch with pastel blown glass beads gently cradled in enamel painted leaves and this Subtle and Organic raw amber necklace, perfect for summer.

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