Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Oh my, spring has really begun to turn to summer. The goslings are already half adult size and the air is thick with poplar fluff. You may have noticed I've been here less than frequently lately as I just can't bear to be inside these days. But I'm here now so I wanted to post some new items that have me squealing with excitement.

First up, this exquisite crystal stopper. Etched with a floral/leaf pattern, I believe it is likely a late 30s early 40s piece. There is so much spectacular detail in the carving on this one. I know you are probably thinking "what on earth does one do with a stopper?" but I can think of so many possibilities...It could be made into a doorknob, a centrepiece in a floral arrangement or even just as a decorative ornament, this beautiful piece of crystal will draw plenty of attention.

Next is this signed Kagami crystal sake glass. Kagame is Japan's royal brand, in existence since 1934.
They have crafted beautiful one of a kind pieces for Japanese Royalty, all their crystal is hand cut.
This glass is contemporary, I just love the shape and design.

Last is this gleaming silver plated alcohol burner for a chafing dish. I date it to the 40s since the knob is bakelite. The bottom is slightly dinged but the top is in good shape and the plate looks fabulous. 

Well that's it for today, the sunshine beckons... see you soon.