Monday, July 15, 2013

Play On

Not sure if there is something to it other than coincidence but I keep finding old card games lately. Last week I stumbled on an old game of Bezique. It's a french card game I'm assuming is a bit like bridge? I am typically not much of a cards player although I'd keep this one handy just because of the box. The decks appear to be unused, it likely sat in someones closet for the last 75 years.

Yesterday I stumbled onto a game of Flinch. This one is an American card game made in Michigan in which players try to get rid of their own cards while trying to keep from taking on new ones.
This box was made in 1913 which makes it 100 years old, cool!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Purse

 "Thunk", my husband throws a worn brown change purse on the table, "I found this in the tire well" he says as he makes a rather horrified, face. I laugh, and stare down at it, and begin to notice the details. Its made to look like leather but it isn't, I can tell because I can see the frayed cloth edges in the parts worn off by fingers opening and closing the latch over the years. "Somebody used this purse their whole life" I say. "Can you imagine having one change purse for years on end? People used to do that."

 And then I'm off down a train of thought that leads me to who used it and what they bought with it and how the few coins it held were probably enough to buy supplies for a week. That's another reason why I love what I do, that moment where I travel forty, fifty, a hundred years back in time and try to imagine the life of the person who used the tarnished object I"m holding in my hands.

 She was a woman in her mid to late thirties, her skirt to the floor, pince nez half way down the bridge of her nose, holding her purse open desperately searching for the right change. "I'm so sorry Mr Cooper, I'm two cents short. You know how it is these days, everyone scrambling just to make ends meet." He gives her a knowing look, and motions to her to close the purse.

"You're not drinking your coffee?" He says to me.
 "Huh? Oh, I-I was just.., following links, in my head, (he looks at me confused) you know, remembering who had this etc, etc." I place the purse in my own bag and go back to reading the Straight.  Until the next one......