Monday, April 8, 2013

what happened to spring?

Holy Carp! What happened to Spring? A week ago I was cavorting about in my flip flops and t-shirt and today I need wool socks and a toque. I don't like it, not one bit! Good thing I have lots of inventory to shoot so I can stay in doors. Speaking of inventory..... I am thrilled beyond belief at this weeks find.

Check out my Dizzy friend here, Tazmanian Devil Polaroid 600 cam extraordinaire. (these came out late nineties or so. Hard to believe that's already almost 15 years past.) He's a real looker, but watch out for those teeth! These were likely one of Polaroids last ditch attempts to save the sinking ship. He is working perfectly and will really stand out in a collection. If you want him, shoot me an e-mail right away cause he'll be on ebay before the days end and I doubt he'll be there for long.

Here are some fabulous old frames I picked up from one of my dealer friends at the flea market this weekend. One is silver plated, one is leather and the third is celluloid with brass flower accents.  The details on them are exquisite. If you have vintage pictures hanging about, these are the perfect complement.

And finally for the piece de resistance, Three gorgeous Mod time pieces from the swingin sixties. All are mechanical and functioning.  Unfortunately as I write this bids have been placed on the two Marcel Boucher pieces, but the  orange faced DeCoven is still available.  Happy Hunting!

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