Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The 3 R's Re-use, Re-use, and, you got it, Re-use

I went to the movies at International Village last week.  It's a huge mall filled for the most part with crappy "Made in China" junk. It was at once a good and a most disillusioning experience. It was good in that after spending an hour or so window shopping I came to the conclusion that I am definitely on the right track professionally, but bad in that I saw how much crap we are heaping onto this already full and sagging old world of ours. I realized that I can no longer take part in this so called "Global Economy". I can't shop at Dollar stores, Wall Mart, Winners, Ikea, Superstore, or any other big box store, Canadian owned or otherwise. And that is precisely the reason why I do what I do.
  There are good things out there folks, good functioning useful things that can be used again and again.   Things to make you look pretty, things to have fun with, things to relax with, it's all here already about a billion times over. And so here are a few of those choice things:

It's astounding to me that people seem to have stopped wearing watches. I know, everybody has a cellphone which has the time on it, but a watch is more than just a timepiece, it's a piece of jewelry and some are so incredibly elegant. I wonder how many battery operated watches will still be working a hundred years from now? These two are a Lady Elgin and Crest (Hy Moser, Swiss) watches from the 40's. They look fabulous on and are comfortable to wear.

When I saw this Kilt on the hanger I bolted for it, not too many of these still kicking around. The leather straps are still soft, and the skirt, with a little dry cleaning, will look smokin with a pair of vintage boots.

And Perhaps to add a little colour a Beautiful Turkish scarf. It's an enormous (42" square) 100% silk scarf with hand rolled edges, hand sewn and absolutely stunning.

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