Thursday, September 12, 2013

Everyone Needs a Little Pink

Sometimes people ask me why, when the economy is flailing, would I be selling collectibles and antiques? Well the answer is simple, because we need beauty to help us rise above. Yes it's hard, but nothing worth doing is ever easy. And I can say with absolute certainty, this is not easy!! But it is fullfilling, and worthwhile and most of all brings me and my customers much, much joy.

When I recieve feedback from buyers who are thrilled with their purchases I feel I have done my job and I view that job as spreading joy and preserving special moments in time. No, we don't need things to make us happy but they can help us express our selves, especially for those of us who aren't particularly crafty or artisitc. And we can (though indirectly I suppose) support art. Isn't it wonderful that there are still Tiffany Lamps, Baccarat Crystal and Stueben and Lalique Glass out there? I for one want to live in a world that includes beautiful objets d'art.

So without further ado my pick for this week is the Art of American born Canadian resident Robert Held. His glass art makes me swoon and every time I find a piece of glass made by him I want to keep it. 

This little gem is no exception.
This is an earlier vase made when his company name was still Skookum Art Glass. It is signed Skookum. I love the irridescent blue spatters on delicate blush pink because, you know, everyone needs a little pink.

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