Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fashion forward from the past

As fashion often does, today we are looking to the past for ideas for men's fashion and some of the hottest accessories right now are cufflinks and pocket squares.

 I think cufflinks of the past are most interesting and unique. Top names in vintage cufflinks are Krementz, Anson, Foster and Hickok, with Krementz being the highest quality. You can go as plain or fancy as you like, base metal or 14kt or sterling. Popular styles are brushed metal, diamond cut and rhinestone, not to forget novelty styles like fly fishing flies cast in resin. Natural stones and other materials like these beautiful black coral cufflinks are de rigueur.

For pocket squares I'm of the opinion there is only one kind and that's silk. Plain or paisley, subdued or flashy, those are personal choices but if you want to impress it must be silk. Look for hand rolled, hand sewn edges and designer brands like Dior and de La Renta and you can't go wrong.
 So weather it's a formal dinner or a night on the town there's a link or square for every occasion. Just remember a few simple rules and you'll look fabulous.

Number one, match your metals. If your buttons and belt buckle are silver then silver links it is. Same goes for the square, pick one colour from your suit or tie and complement it. How you fold or scrunch it depends on the occasion but it shouldn't overpower your whole ensemble. Having said that, breaking the rules is sometimes what fashion is all about.

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