Thursday, November 14, 2013

Antiques in the Garden

This morning, after a restless, tossy turny, sleepless night,  I awoke in a thick fog, eyes swollen and puffy, head pounding. That's a sure sign to me that I need some time in the garden. The Garden is my refuge, my solace, my cure for all ails. It is the place I run to when the world seems to be falling apart around me or when (like today) I just can't seem to get started. It is especially appealing to me in winter when decay has set in and little pockets of colour and texture seem to stand out so much more. Today whilst I was meandering I noticed something else in the garden that gave me the idea for this post, Antiques in the Garden.

  Just a block away from my home is a fabulous guerilla garden (a garden started on derelict property without permission). It has become a beautiful hub of summer activity and community. A place where people who have no outdoor space to call their own can stretch out and awaken their creativity. What I noticed today is how many objects, usually old and often collectable, there were in the garden. I know it's not a new idea, but today I want look at the the garden as an extended room in which to display ones collectables. NO, not the precious thousands of dollars collectables, just the ones sitting around taking up valuable space and collecting dust.

Like this old Trike

And this old stove plate

Together they create a nice little vignette.

Old Pots, vintage furniture, pepsi crates and like items seem to fit right in especially in the winter months. They provide a sculptural element as well as adding texture and form.
 In this garden even the existing railroad tracks are part of the design.

Add a few broken old pots, a plinth or two and, voila! Gorgeous garden rooms ready for quiet evening strolls, daily dog walks or just old fashioned family gatherings.

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