Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Research research research ......

 Today is one of those sleepy overcast days, the kind I like to reserve for doing research and inventory while drinking copious amounts of coffee.  First on the list is this gorgeous late Victorian/ early Edwardian frame.

Adorned on four sides with rosettes and posies, the edges were at one time gilt in silver. The image is not so important as it's only a page from a magazine but it does date the frame to 1905 or so. The glass has a destinct curvature along with all those wonderful imperfections that old glass manifests over the years. I've yet to establish value for this one, but as a beautiful reminder of our elegant past it's priceless.

My next item was the easiest to identify thanks to the loads of makers marks and registration numbers imprinted in its underside.

HA EA FA the initials of the Atkin Bros (Sheffield) silver smiths circa 1900 or so. I believe it's silver plate but there is no epns mark anywhere. If you don't yet recognize it, this lovey object is a knife rest. Though I am not a formal diner by any stretch of the imagination I do appreciate these little conveniences as I've ruined one too many tablecloths with butter or spaghetti sauce soaked knives.
I love the soft curves of this one and I'll leave it tarnished because I like that sort of thing.

Moving right along here is a simple but eyecatching Early American Pattern Glass or  EAPG kerosene lamp with glossy smooth curves and ribbed sides. The burner is a tad rusty and there are still remnants of kerosene in it. This would make a lovely addition to a cottage or a great design element for an office space. 

Last up, industrial chique. This is a swiss made enameled scale made in the 30's?? Can't seem to find anything but ebay adds for this one so the search continues. 

All are now available in my shop, stall 69 Vancouver Flea Market 
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