Thursday, July 26, 2012

something old and something pretty

Ooh I have something wonderful to share this week. I stumbled on this odd looking box and originally thought it was some hand made indonesian or asian craft. But it wasn't until I let go of that idea that I found it was actually made in North America.

Now I didn't say it was pretty, but it is very unique and an interesting piece of history. This is what is known as Tramp Art in the form of a trinket box. 

Now there is some debate as to the origins of tramp art, some believe it is so named because it was actually made by tramps looking to make a quick buck on the road. Others (and I would tend to go with this explanation) believe the name comes from the German word Trampen. In medievil times those wanting to learn the craft of carving would have to move in order to do an apprenticeship. Whatever the origins, we do know that they are made mostly from old cigar boxes as they were plentiful at the time and mostly free. The earliest versions date back to the 1850's.
They are truly intriguing and owning one will spark many an interesting conversation I'm sure.

Now for some Pretty. This is a Nippon Moriage pinched spout pitcher, delicately hand painted and decorated with brick pattern amd beucolic country scenes. Along the sides of the handle are intricate scrolls and curls which continue in contrasting black down the centre of the handle. Sadly it has some minor damage in the form of paint? or something dotted over one side.  Hopefully, with a bit of luck,  I can find a way to remove it before I take it to market.

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